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Helen M. Hazi, Ph.D.
Professor, Educational Leadership Studies
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Doctoral Student Information

Dear Doctoral Student:

Welcome to Educational Leadership Studies! I have been assigned as your advisor.During the next few semesters you will meet your professors and be introduced to educational leadership as a field of study.

Your first question should be "Where do I start?" As you take your first 12-15 hours, we will plan your program of studies. You will present this plan to your committee in a two hour meeting. This program constitutes your plan for the major, minor, and foundation areas for your remaining coursework, as approved by your committee. 

Once you have your program of studies,you will take those courses listed. Any change must be approved by your committee.In preparation for our first meeting, begin to think about:

  • your career goals and time lines,
  • an appropriate minor,
  • committee members
  • scheduling 2 consecutive semesters of 9 credits of residency,
  • preliminary ideas for a dissertation, and
  • the value of an internship, if not an administrator.

You may also want to read other documents on this site.I am most accessible first by email, and then by phone calls or meetings, since I maintain a focused scheduled of selected days in Morgantown. My voice mail will give that semester’s office schedule. Since I am on a 9 month appointment with the university, I choose to do research in the summer. However, I do hold selected hours to be of service to students. These days will be posted on summer email, voice mail and my door. If you will be working on comps,a prospectus, or dissertation during the summer, we should make special arrangements for these times prior to May 15.

Good luck as you begin your new commitment to providing leadership to the public schools or education-related agency in your state. I hope your doctoral experience will been joyable and challenging!

Best wishes,

Helen M. Hazi, Professor
Educational Leadership Studies
Department of Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies
WVU College of Education and Human Services